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Edmundo Rangel (non vérifié) - sam 21/12/2019 - 16:56

Marcel and Matilde,
My fondest memories of 'the Museum' was when Matilde arranged for me to meet and connect with a Belgian woman who had befriended my father during WWII. My Dad's unit had been stationed in Liege and visited a family, two sisters and a brother, who warmly took them into their hearts and home. My Dad and his best friend spent a lot of time with the Mahy family and grew extremely close to them. They were close enough to have a group picture of them taken in 1944 and, in 2009, Matilde located one of the sisters and arranged for us to visit with her at her nursing home. I met with Odile and her family and was totally surprised when Odile produced and gifted me pictures of my Dad that she had held on to since 1944. She still had them in a photo album that she had kept all those years. Of course, these were pictures that had never been seen before by myself or the rest of my family. I STILL cannot believe how fortunate I was to have met both Marcel and Matilde and have them give me some memories that will forever be with me. The fondest memories during my four years in Landstuhl, Germany, will always be the adventure that Matilde and I took in finding, locating and meeting with Odile Mahy, one of my Dad's friends. Odile was identified by a couple of pictures and information that had been stored in my Dad's Army footlocker. My Dad is now immortalized in the 'Remember 39-45 Museum' as part of the collection of pictures of soldiers who were stationed in that area during World War II. Marcel and Matilde are, and will always be, remembered for their kindness and their love for the American people. I think of them both, often. If they ever visit the US, I hope that they know that 'Mi casa es su casa'... 'my home is your home'.
GySgt Edmundo Rangel USMC(Ret)

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